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Meteors 2020: Interview with Sarah Joyce

Students at the TY Meteor Week, March 2017.

From our guest blogger Qi Qi Kennedy, Masters student at UCD Looking back at the meteor project over the last few years at DIAS Dunsink Observatory, I interviewed a number of Citizen Scientists from both the professional and… Read More

#3 Solar Monitor

Hi there! It’s Oscar & Ruth here and we’re going to continue the blog, by talking a bit about our summer project with DIAS Astronomy and Astrophysics. This summer we are working with the Solar Physics and Space… Read More

#2 The Treasure Trove

Hi there! It’s Hannah here and I’m gonna kick off this blog by telling you a little bit about my summer project with DIAS Astronomy and Astrophysics.   This summer I’ve been fortunate enough to be working with… Read More

DIAS Summer Interns 2020 #1

Ruth, Oscar, Nicky, Jacob and I (Hannah) are this year’s DIAS Astronomy and Astrophysics summer interns. We are all working on a variety of different projects and we’ve decided to write a blog to document the journey and… Read More

# 8 Pizza and Public Outreach

By Tess Tangney, Gabriel Finneran and Oscar O’Hara Started by Tess The day had finally come, tonight we were opening up Dunsink to the public. Unfortunately it was set to thunderstorm all day so we were a bit worried… Read More

#7 Muffins and Manual Labour

By Tess Tangney and Oscar O’Hara Started by Tess It’s been a long 7 weeks working in Dunsink and yet the time seems to have flown by. After all our research on the artifacts we’ve found it was… Read More

#6 Salad and Spirits

By Gabriel Finneran At 0600hrs Monday morning I packed my bags and set off from Athlone, bound for Dunsink which would be my home for the next three days. With a cumbersome loadout of a backpack, pannier and… Read More

#5 Brasso and Bling

By Gabriel Finneran As the fourth week of our internship began to draw to a close, we arrived at Dunsink early Friday morning to begin cleaning the South Dome Refractor. Light flooded the room as Tess pulled open… Read More

#4 Birr & Brownies

By Tess Tangney and Oscar O’Hara Started by Tess   Oscar and I locked up our bikes in the carpark of the Eastwall ALDI as we waited for Peter to pick us up. It wasn’t as dodgy as… Read More

#3 Hi-vis & Hamilton

July 20th By Tess Tangney Three weeks in and we were finally getting used to the cycle to Dunsink, Oscar even made it in a record 35 minutes from Tenernure! We started off the day with a cup… Read More