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Dunsink Observatory ,
Dunsink Lane,
Dublin 15, D15 XR2R.

Tel: +353 -(0)1- 4406656
Mobile: +353-(0)87-6294966
Email: dunsink@dias.ie
GPS: +53°23'12.30", -6°20'10.40"

Further Details

TY Week

The most recent Transition Year Science Week at Dunsink Observatory ran in 2018 from Monday 26th February to Friday 2nd March.  Unfortunately Storm Emma and the associated Red Weather Alert meant that DIAS and all schools were closed and so we only managed two full days of work.  The 16 students were very engaged during this time, however, and made a lot of progress, completing almost 3 days of work in the time.

To find out more, here is some general information about the TY week, and you can read more below.  TY week will be back in late March 2020.

Enquiries to +353-87-6294966 or hod@cp.dias.ie.

Students and Parents evening

Students and Parents evening during the 201y TY week.

The TY week is centred on meteors, or shooting stars. We have two meteor cameras and a radio antenna at the Observatory, funded by SFI, which are automatically searching the sky for meteors and recording any that they find.  The detectors are part of the NEMETODE network in the UK and Ireland.  Students learn to analyse these data both by hand using Junior Cert Maths, and also automatically by computer. The week has a strong citizen science emphasis through the NEMETODE network and members of amateur astronomy societies.