Dunsink Lane, Dublin 15, D15 XR2R

Dunsink Area Development Submission

Submission to the Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029: Strategic Issues Paper (Stage One, May 2021). Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, DIAS Dunsink Observatory.

A summary of DIAS’ submission is as follows:

Connectivity and Movement: Improved connectivity to DIAS Dunsink Observatory through the reopening, increased safety, and road improvement of Dunsink Lane, proposed vehicular access from the south, and the opening and recognition of the Hamilton Greenway. Improved connectivity and movement are encouraged by DIAS for Dunsink Observatory alongside the surrounding area acknowledging the benefits that it would bring to the overall area.

Cultural Heritage: It is important that the status of the 2 No. Protected Structures on Dunsink Observatory lands is maintained and protected going forward. An appropriate buffer is suggested that will ensure protection is maintained whilst allowing considerable flexibility in policy to allow for DIAS to improve and maintain the function of these buildings with potential development moving forward into the future.

Infrastructure and Utilities: DIAS request that a light pollution policy with an appropriate radius is created for the Dunsink area. This will ensure that light pollution is kept to a minimum, and the Dark Sky Zone is maintained for the function of the Observatory to be effective for the future and for DIAS to be able to continue as a research and educational facility.

Whilst this submission relates to the individual goals of DIAS, importantly these goals are relevant to the wider Fingal area and will assist in ensuring that proper planning and sustainable development is at the forefront of the new Fingal County Development Plan 2023-2029. Please download our submission below to find out more about our proposals.