Location :
Dunsink Observatory ,
Dunsink Lane,
Dublin 15, D15 XR2R.

Tel: +353 -(0)1- 4406656
Mobile: +353-(0)87-6294966
GPS: +53°23'12.30", -6°20'10.40"

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Upcoming Events

We’re looking forward to the 2019/2020 season of Public Open Nights and events.

  • Kicking off with Culture Night on Friday 20th September from 7-10pm.
    Get your free ticket here!
  • Space Week 2019 is coming in early October.
  • Maths Week 2019 is in mid-October, with events to honour William Rowan Hamilton.

Check out the weather at Dunsink: live data since January 2019.

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Introduction: DIAS Dunsink Observatory, part of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) and integral to the Irish Astronomy Trail, has a long history in the service of science. Research is carried out at Dunsink as part of the programme of research of the Astronomy & Astrophysics Section of the School of Cosmic Physics.  Like most older European Observatory buildings it is now also used for residential accomodation, a venue to hire for small meetings and workshops, and for public outreach and citizen science, in particular public open nights during the winter months.

Dunsink Observatory was recently recognised by the European Physical Society as a site of historical importance, because of the legacy of our most famous director, William Rowan Hamilton.  We are excited to be the first Irish site bestowed with this honour, and look forward to helping young Irish scientists make similar contributions in the future!

Getting Here: Dunsink Observatory is located about 8 kms northwest of Dublin city centre, in the suburb of Castleknock.  Further details on the travel page.
Mobile Phone: +353-(0)87-6294966
GPS location is +53° 23′ 12.30″, -6° 20′ 10.40