Dunsink Lane, Castleknock, Dublin 15, D15 XR2R

Citizen Science

Citizen Science is becoming more and more popular as cutting-edge technology becomes affordable for amateur enthusiasts, and enables them to make real contributions to scientific endeavour.  We are establishing partnerships with various groups, including members of the IAS and IFAS, on a number of citizen science projects.  These have potential for scientific results and also provide opportunities for education and public engagement at all levels.

Meteor Project:

In 2016 we received SFI funding to build cameras and a radio antenna for detecting meteors, allowing us to join the NEMETODE network.  This is a growing network of amateur astronomers with meteor-detection equipment, with nodes throughout the UK and Ireland.  Its aim is to link enough observers to have continuous coverage of the sky above the UK and Ireland for detection of meteors entering the atmosphere.  With these data, we can study meteors in a systematic way and learn more about their origin, composition, and size distribution.

Weather Monitoring:

We have installed a weather station at Dunsink, with some help from our friends at Met Eireann.  Live data are available here, logged data will be available soon.

Light Pollution Monitoring

We have purchased and are installing a light meter at Dunsink, to be part of the growing network monitoring light pollution in Ireland.  Working with Prof. Brian Espey of Trinity College Dublin, we will contribute to the debate about light pollution and support initiatives to make the night sky darker again.