Dunsink Lane, Dublin 15, D15 XR2R

Public Visitor Nights

Join us at Dunsink Observatory for a night-long celebration of space – from Ireland’s rich and colourful history of exploring the universe, to our role in making future discoveries beyond our atmosphere. Throughout the night we’ll have talks, conversation, demonstrations and, weather permitting, some stargazing – all in the historic surroundings of Dunsink Observatory. We also have activities for children including a historic trail and activity sheets. Meet the scientists at the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies who are expanding our understanding of the universe, the Dunsink team who care for the history and future of the observatory, and the community of astronomers and space fans who help make Dunsink one of the most important sites for space exploration in Ireland.

Photo Credit: Sadhbh Leahy

Visitor Nights are usually held twice a month during the winter months (October – March). Check our calendar below and social media for announcements on upcoming events and open nights.

Weather permitting, visitors can view celestial objects through the historic Grubb Telescope. Please note that telescope observing requires dark skies and so the grounds of the Observatory are not well lit.  As with many historic sites, the paths underfoot can be a bit rough, so wear appropriate footwear and bring a torch if needed.

Photo Credit: Christopher Burger-Scheidlin

We are very grateful to the Irish Astronomical Society for their long-standing support with our Open Nights and other events.