Dunsink Lane, Castleknock, Dublin 15, D15 XR2R


Welcome to DIAS Dunsink Observatory operated as part of the Astronomy & Astrophysics Section of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS). Dunsink Observatory has been a centre for astronomical research and public engagement in Ireland since its foundation in 1785, and has been home to many of Ireland’s most famous scientists, including Sir William Rowan Hamilton.  

The Hamilton Way

We are delighted to launch the Hamilton Way as part of Maths Week 2020, a proposed foot and bike route that would link the Observatory, the Tolka Valley Greenway, the Royal Canal Greenway and Ashtown. The route would make be transformative for staff and public access to the Observatory.

Astrophysics Research

DIAS Astronomy & Astrophysics in December 2018. The group is based at Fitzwilliam Place in Dublin city centre and at Dunsink Observatory in west Dublin.

DIAS Astrophysics includes approximately 35 researchers based at Fitzwilliam Place in central Dublin and at Dunsink Observatory in west Dublin. DIAS Astrophysics undertakes research on solar and stellar physics, space weather, planetary science, star formation, the interstellar medium, high energy astrophysics and instrumentation. We have contribute to many European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA projects, including Solar Orbiter and the James Webb Space Telescope, and are activity involved in ground-based facilities such as LOFAR and the European Southern Observatory. We collaborate with researchers at universities and research institutes in Ireland and around the world. 

DIAS Dunsink also provides a local weather monitoring service to Met Éireann, tracks meteors as part of the international NEMETODE network, and monitors the Earth’s ionosphere as part of the SuperSID VLF network

Public Events

Dunsink Observatory is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19 regulations. We will update this page and our Eventbrite page when Public Visitor Nights are running once again.

Getting Here

Dunsink Observatory is located about 8 km northwest of Dublin city centre, near Ashtown on the Royal Canal and the junction of the N3 and the M50.  Further details on the travel page.

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