Dunsink Lane, Dublin 15, D15 XR2R

DIAS Summer Interns 2023 #6

Seosamh and I (Chris) have been continuing our improvements to the SuperSID system, focusing primarily on the collection and processing of data. Much of the work we are doing requires a lot of testing and comparisons and will greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the system.

Seosamh has improved the efficiency of the code and the method for changing the received VLF stations. Previously, each station was mentioned at several points throughout the code, requiring each instance to be found and replaced manually. Seosamh instead implemented a loop that calls on a list of transmitters located at the start of the file. This means that users only have to change the transmitter name in the list, and it will be used throughout.

I have continued working on new ways to interpret and analyse the data. I investigated several different data filtering types and compared them, eventually settling on Gaussian filtering. This method of filtering is excellent for removing noise from data, and changing the parameters can allow for highly accurate graphing. Previously we made use of Savgol filtering, which could cause issues with flattening smaller peaks.